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Qualified specialty food stores, specialty coffee/tea, gourmet kitchen stores, gourmet gift stores have access to our wholesale catalog on our KeepLifeTasty.com website. 

Verified accounts are usually granted access in 24-48 hours. If you have other questions, please contact us:

OneFarStar, LLC
Phone: 425-999-4894
Fax: (425) 786-0041

Eligible accounts for wholesale: Minimum 2 cases per order. A copy of your state resale certificate and federal tax ID must accompany your order before it can be processed.

Terms: Orders are shipped when prepaid with credit card or deposited funds are available from a checking source.

Shipping: Shipping is FOB ground our Washington state warehouse, unless specified above. Backorders less than $50 may be canceled without notice. No allowances are made for unsold or dated product.

Invoices: Payments accepted in US Dollars only.